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Do You Want To Make The Most Of Your Life?

Are you at a turning point in your life, looking for new direction and purpose? Is a sense of uncertainty, a lack of confidence, or a pattern of unhealthy behaviors preventing you from embracing opportunities for personal and professional growth?

Perhaps you feel stuck in an unfulfilling career or marriage and are having a difficult time objectively weighing your options for the future. Or it could be that a recent divorce or the loss of a loved one has robbed you of your sense of identity and wholeness and you are searching for a path to rebuild your life.

Making difficult decisions or coping with change can be challenging for anyone, regardless of age or personal background. Perhaps you’re a recent graduate who is struggling to assert independence, establish goals, and choose the right career path. Or maybe you are a successful professional who is intent on climbing the corporate ladder in search of wealth and status, but an inner desire to do something greater with your life is preventing you from enjoying what you have achieved. On the other hand, perhaps you have seen your children leave home to attend college or create their own families, and you wonder, “What is my role in life now?”

The stress and confusion that life transitions create can be immobilizing.  But you don’t have to stay stuck, hoping for things to get better on their own.  I am here to motivate you to make powerful changes that may open possibilities for sustained happiness, success, and deeper meaning in your life.

Doubt And Uncertainty Are Natural Responses To Change

Impermanence is the fundamental nature of the universe, but that doesn’t make dealing with change any easier. Our human yearning is to push our growing urge to think, feel, and respond with more confidence, with more commitment, and with renewed clarity in our lives. Seeking stability creates a sense of safety and surety that enables us to make decisions and take action with confidence.

But some changes or events can shake the very foundation of our lives, immobilizing us in a state of fear, self-doubt, stress, and insecurity that limits our ability to move forward with clarity. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a secure support system that can model for them how to remain calm and steady in the face of adversity. Although friends and family can often be helpful, sometimes their own expectations, fears, or partiality gets in the way of their efforts.

Social media, entertainment, and mixed messages from society constantly misinform and distort our lens of perception of what happiness and success really are. In addition, we live in a highly competitive culture that programs us to “toughen up, don’t ask for help, and take care of things ourselves.” And if we express the need for assistance of any kind, we’re made to feel diminished and ashamed—as if we aren’t capable or good enough.

The truth is, people can have it all together for a while, but eventually, life’s challenges present themselves. My commitment to you is to respect your intelligence and wisdom, to honor the forces of positive growth already present within you, and to give you an objective sense of where you stand and what you can do to achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

Life Transitions Counseling Can Give You Direction

Therapy can be a powerful tool for helping you identify blocks to personal growth and recover your sense of wholeness and purpose. It gives you a confidential space where you can express your feelings, doubts, hopes, and desires without shame or fear of judgment. Unlike working with a life coach, a therapist has the added benefit of being able to get underneath the issue and create profound healing that goes far beyond simply helping you find solutions to problems.

To guide the process, we’ll begin by talking about the nature of what is holding you back as well as your expectations for therapy. We may explore your personal belief system or external factors that are contributing to your distress as well as adjust any negative internal narratives that may be limiting your quality of life.

I offer a very solution-focused and collaborative healing experience that puts you in the driver’s seat. Together, we will develop a structured plan for implementing changes and achieving your goals. Whether it’s changing careers, reconnecting in relationships, or self-advocating for personal growth, my job is to illuminate doors of opportunities so you can choose your best course of action. If circumstances change and something urgent arises, we can confront that issue immediately to get you back on track to achieving your therapeutic goals.

My primary tool for healing is psychodynamic therapy, an insight-oriented approach to counseling that helps you identify and challenge unconscious emotions or thought processes that are manifesting in your current behavior. Similarly, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a practical, goal-oriented treatment method that can help increase your self-awareness and challenge internal aspects of your past that may be influencing your present behavior and state of mind. To augment the healing process, I also offer alternative treatment options, such as guided imagery, insight hypnotherapy, mindfulness strategies, and breathwork.

Truly, life is too short to spend it endlessly struggling over a problem that a qualified therapist could help you solve. Life transitions counseling can help you gain invaluable insight and powerful tools for overcoming the obstacles that are limiting your potential for greater joy and prosperity.

I’ve been helping clients forge their own paths toward a more fulfilling life since 1999, and I am continually amazed and inspired by the changes I have seen them make. With a little work, you too can enjoy greater purpose, meaning, and direction in your life.

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