Men’s Issues

At some point, a man may recognize areas in his life where he is not meeting his potential and then he may seek counseling as a necessary practice to reclaim the person that he knows himself to be. At that existential intersection, a man entering into counseling, is no longer identifying with male stereotypes: weakness, or inability to help oneself, or, compared to ones peers, that you are less of a man.  Quite the opposite -when a man respects himself enough to invest in counseling he most often gains the respect of others for taking such a courageous step toward self-development.

Men often come to counseling to address issues related to relationships, marriage, and fatherhood; tension with regard to being the provider, finances, professional life, self-fulfillment, addiction, grief, trauma, identity, anxiety, sexuality, depression, and anger.

Men also come to counseling at the insistence of other’s in their lives. I respect the courage it takes to come to counseling. This act of courage is a statement of the care that one is willing to give to oneself and to others in one’s life.

Counseling objectives may include regaining connection with yourself, practicing non-violent communication, focusing your vision, practicing reflective listening, and deepening self-observation, improving emotional management, diversifying self-expression, deepening trust of women, and expanding social support.

Men And Intimate Relationships

Men often have their own long-standing issues that interfere with their ability to form satisfying relationships, even if they have successfully accomplished career goals and personal challenges. You may currently be struggling with confusion about how to handle relationship and marriage issues, including:

These, and a number of other factors, are often at play when men are having difficulty finding (and maintaining) relationships. I can help you determine what is getting in the way of you having the relationship you want and work with you to find (and keep!) that relationship

How I Work With Men

I have a unique counseling approach, direct and goal focused, designed specifically to help men focus on problem solving.  Although some childhood history may be necessary to understand your life circumstances, our conversation will primarily be focused on the here and now.  Collaboration is key in developing an action plan that supports your counseling goals and acquiring the necessary practices to be the man that you know yourself to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Open Your Door To A Brighter Future

Many people describe therapy as a journey and welcome the chance to become more conscious about their inner world, to awaken their potential, and to Open Doors to new opportunities in their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

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